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Junk Aid is a family-owned business specializing in household junk removal services.

Junk Removal

We take all types of non-hazardous household/business junk. Schedule a Service or Contact Us for any junk removal inquiries you may have! If it’s Household or Business JUNK we can pick it up – Stress Free!

Junk Donation

Oftentimes people throw things out thinking no one wants their used items. WRONG! Plenty of people still shop thrift stores, reuse items people consider trash, or repurpose items in innovative ways.

Junk Recycling

Junk Aid is committed to being eco-friendly and getting all your GREEN JUNK to the right place to be recycled.
Together we can all make a difference.

ABout US

We Are Junk Aid

We are your local licensed and insured junk hauling & Brush removal company doing our part to help reduce landfill waste.

We hope that by providing junk removal services we can decrease the unnecessary JUNK that ends up in our landfills through donating for reuse/repurposing and/or discarding your household or business junk properly!


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Junk Services

What do we donate?

We donate slightly used items that we deem in usable conditions. These items are typically in working condition with minor needs for repair and/or are items/raw materials needed by a local business/entrepreneur/thrift store etc. As our business grows, we plan to expand our donation program – Check back for updates!

What do we collect?

We collect all types of non-hazardous and bulky waste.

  • Household/Business items
  • Foreclosure/Estate/Garage Cleanouts
  • Clothes
  •  Furniture
  •  Electronics/Appliances 

What do we recycle?

We are committed to our planet and that means we must take the
extra steps to ensure the household and business junk we collect doesn’t just end up in our local landfill. As our business grows, we plan to expand our recycling program and that includes partnering with Palm Springs Recycling and Waste Management – Check back for updates!

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